Defeating Heathrow expansion and immigration detention: workshop at Power Beyond Borders, Sunday 28th July

We at EHID are excited to be taking part in the Power Beyond Borders camp with a workshop on Sunday 28th July on the subject of defeating Heathrow expansion and immigration detention.

The Power Beyond Borders camp, organised by Reclaim the Power, will take place from 26th to 31st July, on an occupied site at a location in south-east England which will be announced on the first day of the camp. The direct action-focused camp aims to build connections between the struggles against environmental disaster and racist border controls. See the the camp programme and guide for more information, and keep an eye on the Power Beyond Borders website for the announcement of the location on Friday morning.

EHID’s campaign aligns with the goals of Power Beyond Borders, combining the struggle against immigration detention and other parts of the UK’s racist border regime with the fight to stop the construction of a third runway at Heathrow which threatens to devastate local communities and further contribute to the global climate crisis. Our workshop will aim to build connections with communities and activists involved in both these struggles and to develop ideas for action against Heathrow expansion and immigration detention.

The workshop will take place on Sunday 28th July from 4:30pm to 6pm. The description from the camp guide:

Defeating Heathrow expansion and immigration detention

Building Heathrow’s third runway will mean knocking down two immigration detention centres and building a huge new one in the Hounslow area. The campaign against Heathrow’s expansion will be won by a coalition of groups including the struggles against aviation, racism and border oppression. The next year will be crucial to the success of the campaign. This workshop will explore the different strands of the fight and how you can get involved.

If you’re coming along for the whole camp or just dropping in on Sunday, we look forward to seeing you there.