Online Offensive: Contact Heathrow Airport Ltd

There are a number of ways you can contact Heathrow regarding queries about their airport expansion.

Telephone: 0800 307 7996

TWITTER: @HeathrowAirport



SUBJECT: FAO Elizabeth Beale, Community Relations Team, Heathrow Airport Limited

Dear Elizabeth, 

The time for indirect niceties has passed. This email is frank, yet it speaks the truth. 

In the past weeks, despite the limitations and dangers of a global pandemic, we have seen global protests of an unprecedented nature. The tide is turning. People are refusing to stand passively and allow systemic and racial inequality to continue, in numbers never seen before. 

This same systemic injustice is the foundation of your industry, built on white supremacy, to benefit the global elite. 

In the rapidly changing landscape of this historical moment,  the disproportionate impacts of the aviation industry will be exposed as a relic in the new future that is emerging across the globe.

It’s the end of an era for the profit-driven, immoral and inhumane behaviour that Heathrow Airport Limited depends upon.


I am sending this email to voice my disgust at your continued plans to expand Heathrow by building a 3rd runway, despite the devastating impacts this would have on air pollution levels, carbon emissions, and the climate, not to mention further decimation of green space for a local community who have experienced decades of blight from the airport. I am disgusted at the lack of regard shown for the knock-on effects this would lead to for people across the world, where the impacts of climate change are felt disproportionately by those who have done least to cause it. 

And as if this catalogue alone wasn’t enough to curtail and shame you for the actions of Heathrow Airport Limited, you now plan to appeal the recent legal ruling despite the fact that the plans for a third runway are incompatible with climate targets.

But the disrespect and cruelty doesn’t end there.

The most recent plans for the airport’s expansion require HAL to become embroiled with the Home Office’s inhumane practice of imprisoning people in Immigration Detention Centres. Detention centres rip people from their friends, their families and their communities. Once inside, people have no idea if they will be released or if they will be deported to a country  they may have no family, no support or where they could be at risk of violence or even death. Working class people of colour in the UK are disproportionately detained. Inside, they face violence from guards, poor healthcare and even risk death. Detention centres are some of the most violent examples of structural racism in the UK.

With the new plans for development at Faggs Road, the centres at Harmondsworth and Colnbrooke would be demolished, and your company would fund and instigate building one of Europe’s largest immigration removal centres – imprisoning over 1,000 people based on the happenstance of where they were born. 

This letter is being sent as part of a coordinated campaign, which is gathering support from local people, councillors and MPs, together with voices from inside detention, and support from groups across the country.

Across the planet people are discovering that a better future is possible. The response to Covid-19 has shown us that coordinated action with immediate and enormous impact is possible. 

Companies, such as yourselves, which profit from the climate crisis should take heed –  Less than 9% of the public wish to see a return to ‘business as usual’ once the pandemic is over. [SOURCE: YouGov Poll: May 2020, available at:] 

The new normal will be one that puts people and planet over profit, extraction and greed. This new normal will be incompatible with your business model and a new 3rd runway at Heathrow.

While we are currently choosing not to come to you direct, to assist people in social distancing, we are still here.

Your plans and practices are still under scrutiny, and we will continue to organise to disrupt your ‘business as usual’.

We continue to act in solidarity with people across the razor-wire fences of detention centres, across borders, and across the planet, together, for a fair and free future for all.

Yours sincerely,